Thank you for taking the time to look at our project list. We hope that you would be willing to consider making a donation to make these worthy projects possible. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

High School Academic Projects:

Virtual Reality Classroom: Estimated Cost: $2000.00

Fab Lab: Estimated Cost: $100,000.00

Graphic Calculators: Estimated Cost: $4500.00

Middle School Academic Projects:

Makerspace Lego Drive: Estimated Cost: $5000.00

Flashforge 3D Printer: Estimated Cost: $1000.00 Funded

Edison Robots: Estimated Costs: $700.00 Funded

Vinyl Rolls for Makerspace Vinyl Cutter: Estimated Costs: $500.00 per roll

Makerspace IPad Minis: Estimated Costs: $3000.00

Lego Mindstorm Robots: Estimated Costs: $1000.00

Technology Classroom Drones: Estimated Costs: $1000.00

Physics Ramps:

Estimated Costs: $4000.00

Elementary Academic Projects:

Project Simulator (Mendon): Estimated Costs: $75,000

Wonder Workshop/ Coding and IPads (Mendon): Estimated Costs: $5000.00

Edison Robots (HW Good): Estimated Costs: $700.00

STEAM Curriculum (West Newton): Estimated Costs: $28,000.00

Google VR Goggles (Mendon): Estimated Costs: $10,000.00